Love For The Streets
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See What We Can Do Together

Causes are now at the centre of culture and communication - our generation is more willing than any before to take action on the causes we care about, and there’s never been a more important time to make a difference

We partner with businesses, individuals and nonprofits to create bottom-up solutions.

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Our Impact

We make it as easy as possible for young people to create measurable social impact in their communities and access opportunities to advance their future.

In Manchester our key issue is homelessness and poverty alleviation.

Our current work engages young people in social issues online, then redirects this attention offline for face-to-face education on the issue and why volunteering is crucial.

Through a community-first approach, we match people with volunteering opportunities, based on the charities needs and young person’s availability; supporting charities with volunteer recruitment, management and retention.



agreed volunteering made easier

100% agreed that we make volunteering more accessible and available.



felt greater connection to city

96% said that they felt a greater sense of community and citizenship to the city of Manchester.



told friends to get involved

88% said they’ve already told their friends to join the volunteer community.


Our Programmes

Grassroots charities are struggling.

There has never been more of an important time for grassroots charities to support their local communities.

Yet these charities are increasingly struggling to survive - unable to compete for attention online and recruit long-term volunteers.

What is the impact? Those most in need are left without essential services.

Meanwhile, our generation is the most socially conscious in history and want to help.

July 2018

It’s an ambitious feat for an organisation barely a year old, yet it has inspired a new wave of young activists around a social cause.

Josie Roberts, Crack Magazine / Read Full Article

June 2018

By launching ‘Love For the Streets’ you are inspiring students to give their time to tackle homelessness in an engaging and creative way. That hundreds of students have begun volunteering as a result of your campaign is testament to your dedication to this important cause.

Theresa May, (Former) UK Prime Minister / Read Full Article